As a custom cue & repair shop we often buy and sell used pool cues as well as consignment. If you have a cue that you are interested in selling please contact us for a quote. Any shipping charges will be the responsibility of the seller.


Selling on Consignment:

For anyone seeking to sell their cues, Spot on Billiards offers consignment services. We can provide an appraisal before a final decision is made. Once a cue is received, details and measurements are taken and it is then offers on our website and in store. If you are interested in selling in consignment please contact us for further details. Please note that while we can give an appraisal through email, cues will only be sold on consignment once they are in our possession.


Pool Tables:

If you have a pool table (slate only) that you would like to sell or put on consignment, please contact us. Once an agreement has been reached, Spot On Billiards will pick up the table and display it in our showroom and website. If the table is on consignment, the seller will be notified as soon as the table has been sold and installed.